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Let me introduce myself. My name is Erica.

I've created this site so I can share with you all the sex positions and techniques that have made my sex life extremely passionate - and very exciting! - for me and my partner.

We've been working on our sex life for years, and we just keep on having better and better sex - and you know what? The most important thing I've discovered is that simply by using some new and different sexual positions and some exciting sexual techniques we get much more aroused, we have more exciting sex, and we enjoy much more powerful orgasms! Lovemaking is never boring, either, because we have so many sex positions to choose from. Yes, we're really having our best sex ever, and you can have the same....right now. Today.

I'm so passionate about sharing my in-depth knowledge about sex positions that I'm going to tell you everything I know! And because I want to show both men and women how to have the best sex, the pictures I've chosen are sexy, arousing, and uncensored - and they all show sex between men and women who are in long term, committed relationships. That makes the pictures very different from your usual porn fact, these are erotic pictures of loving sex, the most arousing and sexy pictures you'll find on the net, and perfectly suited for a man and woman to view together. They are frank and honest pictures of real lovemaking and they'll create raging passion in your sex life (or your money, no, just joking. You don't have to pay anything!)

Discover Hundreds Of New Sex Positions Today

I decided to take control of my own sex life and sexual happiness, and years of research and experimentation have allowed me to produce this most important information about sex positions and techniques that make up this site. I have taken every bit of useful information I have learnt over the years and created "My Sex Secrets", the most comprehensive and detailed sex positions and techniques site anywhere.

There has been a ton of literature about sex, but I found it impossible to find one single resource that had everything I needed. That is why I created "My Sex Positions Secrets", to share with you what works...

Trust me, once you use these exceptional sex positions, techniques, tips and tricks, you (and your partner) will find your lovemaking just gets better and better, each and every time you have sex.

Amazing sex positionsAt this point please let me introduce my husband Steve. We have been married throughout this journey from second rate sex to the amazing sex life we now share with each other. Steve gives a male perspective to this site that is invaluable.

Now it's time for me to explain what I've included in "My Sex Positions Secrets". You already know my personal journey, and I am very excited to be able to share with you every useful sex position, every sexual technique, and every sensual secret I have discovered over these past few years!

Sex Positions Videos & Pictures

Steve and I wanted to get all our favorite sex positions - the ones we personally use - exactly right for this site, so we hired a professional photographer to take tasteful pictures of us in each and every sex  position we use. We did this so we could get every sex position picture just perfect, so you will be able to enjoy them to the full.

Then Steve had a great idea!.... To put our favorite sex positions on video to really help people see how to enjoy them to the full. So not only do we have top quality pictures... we also have videos of our favorite positions. All this amazing material will increase the pleasure you get from sex like nothing else!

Over 50 sex positions videos


detailed sexual positionsWe cover all our favorite sex positions for you in this video section, so you definitely don't want to miss them. And they're so easy to follow that you'll see a huge improvement in your lovemaking the very first time you have sex after watching these online videos! My videos show you many different sex positions including man on top, woman on top, standing, sitting, side by side, oral sex positions, and many more.....


OVER 300

Man on Top Sexual Positions

Man On Top Sex Positions

Probably the most popular sex position, one used by most couples during intercourse. The "missionary" is an old favourite for some very good reasons, and we will show you even better variations to add extra excitement to this familiar old favorite.

Woman On Top Sex Positions

Woman On Top Sex Positions

Woman on top positions give the female partner a much greater degree of control over both the thrusting and depth of penetration during sexual intercourse. Variations on the basic woman on top position are easily achieved by the woman switching the direction of her body, laying back rather than sitting up straight, turning around to face away from her man, the man raising his knees to support the woman's body, or the man sitting up.

Side By Side sex positions

Side By Side Sex Positions

These sex positions can be great for increased intimacy for both partners. With this type of position both partners' hands are free to caress the other partner or to stimulate penis, balls, clitoris, breasts or anus.

Sitting sexual positions

Sitting Sex Positions

Sitting sex positions do not generally allow for deep or fast thrusting by the man, but they do give the woman a great deal of control over the depth and speed of penetration during lovemaking. The woman can squat over her man or sit on him, and this gives her the freedom to try different pelvic movements which can be very exciting for both him and her.

Advanced (exotic) sex positions

Advanced ("Exotic") Sex Positions

While they may not be the most conventional sex positions they are great fun and you can use them to add variety and spice up your sex life. These sexual positions offer a new dimension to your lovemaking; you're going to find them exciting, amusing, entertaining, and very, very orgasmic!

Standing sex positions

Standing Sex Positions

Similar to the advanced positions these standing positions require a little bit more physical stamina. However, they are thrilling, and they certainly bring back memories of the excitement of those early sexual experiences sneaked in where and when you could. These sex positions are both exciting and arousing. Have fun! (We certainly do!)

Oral sexual positions

Oral Sex Positions

The best oral sex positions are can give you some of your best sexual experiences....I will show you the very best positions to give and receive oral sex.


Get ready for the best sex life!

Get ready for the best sex life!

The sex positions I mention above are just a small fraction of the information you'll find on this website. In fact, "My Sex Positions Secrets" is the definitive guide to a superb sex life, orgasmic bliss, sexual fulfillment, and complete satisfaction.

It has taken me years to perfect all the sexual positions and techniques described on this website, but the results have been well worthwhile in my own life, and they're certain to transform your sex life as well! 

These Techniques Will Set Your Sex Life On Fire!

How to achieve simultaneous orgasm during intercourse

It almost seems that if something has to do with female pleasure, particularly sexual pleasure, it just hasn't been deemed important: until now! I will show you how to easily achieve simultaneous orgasm during intercourse - perhaps the biggest step forward in reaching complete sexual fulfillment for both men and women that we have ever come across!

Clitoral and vaginal orgasms

When you read about massive, prolonged orgasm for a woman, it's the G spot that's doing it. A G spot orgasm is a wave of bliss, of spiritual energy, of electricity, passing through every cell of a woman's body.

There are no individual peaks and orgasmic contractions as there are with a clitoral orgasm. Instead there is a wave of bliss which moves upwards from one high point to another, and which can go on for as long as you care to keep up the stimulation. You can make love for extended periods of time as you enjoy massive whole body orgasms that are nothing like the ordinary "short" orgasms produced by intercourse and clitoral stimulation (good though they are!)

Overcome Early Ejaculation

Yes, it is possible for a man to control his ejaculation. Control techniques range from using the right sex position, to knowing how to reduce arousal, to breathing up sexual energy from the genitals into the body, and PC muscles techniques. And that's good news for you if you're a man who wants to impress a partner with the length of time you can go on during lovemaking, because you'll be able to maintain a rock hard erection until you choose to release. And this level of control is important to mark you out as a good lover - research shows that as many as three men in every four ejaculate within two or three minutes of entering their partner's vagina. How would you feel if you knew you were one of the twenty five percent of men who really know how to make love? Fantastic, proud, masculine, confident - that's how.

Plus So Much More...

  • Ejaculation control for men - 100% absolute control, every time.

  • How she can get total pleasure from a man, every time - multiple orgasms are easy!

  • The mistakes that will turn off your partner without you even realizing it.

  • Sexual positions which provide orgasmic intensity, over and over!

  • Sex positions which help a woman reach orgasm during intercourse - every time.

  • How to overcome erection problems and other sexual difficulties.

  • Extending genital pleasure throughout the whole body.

  • Extended massive orgasm techniques.

An orgasm lasting for three minutes? Ten minutes? Thirty minutes! That can't be possible - right? WRONG. If you use the sexual techniques on this site it definitely can!

Just imagine what it is going to be like for you, knowing all the secret sexual techniques and sex positions that will allow you to satisfy yourself and your lover any time you wish! Now that's a powerful thought.

The best thing is, you can make that vision a reality right now - it's easy for you because you have found "My Sex Positions Secrets" - your opportunity for the best sex life you could ever imagine.

I am so excited to be able to offer you the best sex life you can have. If you are thinking "maybe later", how long until you have the love life you desire? One week? One year? Maybe never!

You can and should make the decision to join right now, because you could be having the greatest sex of your life tonight! I want that for you, and I know you do too!


take control of your sex life.

Now I bet you're thinking that this is as much as any site could ever give you. Well, my friend, "My Sex Positions Secrets" isn't just any site. I have a more than a few surprises left for you yet!

I am glad you have made it this far, you are obviously very determined to take charge of your sex life, well done! I know you realize the knowledge and sexual abilities you will easily gain from "My Sex Secrets" or you would not have made it this far, I love people like you!

You Are Going To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life!

Here are just some of the subjects we cover...

  • Dating and relationships

  • The art of foreplay - and how to ensure you both enjoy it!

  • Superb oral sex techniques  

  • Hundreds of sex positions, explicitly illustrated in our modern "Kama Sutra"

  • Advanced sexual techniques for when you're feeling adventurous

  • How to enjoy the "quickie" - fast, urgent, passionate sex

  • The art of multiple orgasm - for both women and men

  • The secret of massive, rolling orgasms for women

  • G-spot orgasm and female ejaculation for women

  • Techniques that give men complete ejaculatory control

  • The sexual anatomy of men and women

  • Hundreds of sex tips to increase your pleasure and satisfy your partner

  • How to solve sexual problems - from small penis size to premature ejaculation

  • How to maintain romance and intimacy in long-term relationships

  • Find out what men and women want from sex - it may not be the same thing!

  • Ways to enjoy enjoy anal sex and make it good for both partners


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