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My Name Is Erica, Welcome!Please let me introduce myself, my name is Erica.

I have created this site so I can share with you all the sex positions and techniques I have learnt that have made my sex life unbelievable!

It has been a passion of mine for many years to continually improve my sex life every single day, the interesting thing I discovered is that certain techniques and positions are the answer!

It took a long time to create this site, but I just have to share all the knowledge and secrets I have discovered with you. I have spent many months creating what I believe is the most informative and sensual web site available today that will bring anyone's sex life "alive".

A few years ago I would hear many of my friends saying how wonderful their sex life was. That left me feeling somehow empty in a way, as my own sex life was getting "very dull" and to me it was feeling more like a chore than anything else....


I Took Control And So Can You!

I decided to take control of my own sex life and happiness just like you can make that decision today. Honestly, it has taken me years of research and experimentation to come up with all the most important sexual information, positions and techniques that make up this site.

I have been to numerous seminars (so many I have lost count), bought sex instruction videos, books and dvd's and of course been embarrassed in book stores with nearly every store person glancing at me (though now I am very open about my quest for a better sex life as is evident from this site).

Personally though I was sick of only getting some of the information I needed, whilst these information sources were useful (and embarrassing to buy), I had to get so many just to learn a few useful techniques that would improve my sex life.

So I have taken every bit of useful information I have learnt over the years, cut out all the useless info and created "My Sex Secrets", the most comprehensive detailed sex positions and education site anywhere.

There has been a ton of literature about sex, but as I said, I found it impossible to find one book or video that had everything I needed. That is why I created "My Sex Secrets", to share with you what works...

Trust me, once you use these exceptional techniques, breakthroughs and secrets, you (and your partner) will easily become a better lover, each and every time....

Amazing sex positionsAt this point please let me introduce my husband Steve, we have been married throughout my journey from "dull sex" to the "amazing sex life" we now share with each other. Steve has been researching with me and gives a male perspective to this site that is invaluable, without him I would never have been able to get this site and all my sex secrets on the net.

Now it's time for me to explain what I have included in "My Sex Secrets". You already know my personal journey, and I am very excited to be able to share with you every useful sex position, technique and secret I have discovered over these past few years!

By the time you have browsed through this page, you will be able to choose to have the sex life you have always dreamed about in no time at all....

Sex Positions Videos & Pictures

Steve (my husband) and I wanted to get all our favorite sex positions we personally use exact for this site, so we hired a professional photographer to take tasteful pictures of us performing each and every position we use. We did this so we could get every sex position perfect, so you will be able to use each position just as we do.

Then Steve had a great idea!.... Lets put our most favorite positions on video to really help people see how they are performed! So not only do we have top quality pictures... we also have videos of our most favored positions, these will increase your pleasure from sex like never before!

Over 50 sex positions videos

detailed sexual positionsWe cover all of our most favored positions for you in this section, you definitely don't want to miss these.

They are so easy to follow you will see a huge improvement in your lovemaking the first time after viewing these online videos!

My videos include many different sex positions including..... Man on top, Woman on top, Standing, Sitting, Side by side, Oral sex etc....

Over 110 sex positions pictures
Man on Top Sexual Positions

Man On Top Sex Positions:
Probably the most common position used by most couples during intercourse. The "missionary" being definitely the most popular, we will show you modified positions to bring life back into this old favorite like never before.

Woman On Top Sex Positions

Woman On Top Sex Positions:
Similar to the sitting positions these woman on top positions give the female partner a much larger degree of control over both the thrusting and depth of penetration during sexual intercourse.

Variations on the basic woman on top position are easily gained with the female switching the direction of her body, lying back rather than sitting up straight or the male raising his knees to support the females body.

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Side By Side sex positions

Side By Side Sex Positions:
These intercourse positions can be great for increased intimacy for both partners. With this type of position both partners hands are free to caress the other partner or stimulate their or their partners genital region.

Sitting sexual positions

Sitting Sex Positions:
Sitting positions do not generally allow for deep or fast thrusting by the male, however they do give the female a great deal of control over the depth and speed of penetration during intercourse.

The female generally needs to squat in most of these positions and this can become tiresome, a way around this is quick pelvic movement rather than relying on her legs to pump up and down.

Advanced (exotic) sex positions

Advanced (exotic) Sex Positions:
Whilst they may not be the most "comfortable" positions they are useful to add variety to spice up your sex life.

These positions can offer a new dimension to your intercourse sessions, please take it easy though.

Standing sex positions
Standing Sex Positions:
Similar to the advanced positions these standing positions require great physical endurance.

These positions should only be attempted once both individuals can balance themselves properly because if the female slipped off both the male and female could cause injury to themselves, so please be careful!
Oral sexual positions

Oral Sex Positions:
Oral sex can be difficult for some, mostly because they were never shown what positions are the best to perform this sensual lovemaking skill, I will show you my favorite positions to give and receive oral sex.

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Get ready for the best sex life!

Get ready for the best sex life!

The sex positions above were just the "tip of the iceberg", as you will see below "My Sex Secrets" is the definitive guide you need to achieve the sex life you have always desired.

It has taken me years to compile and perfect all the techniques and secrets you will see below, but it has been well worth it for my own sex life and the ability to drastically improve so many other peoples sex life, just as it will yours.

These Techniques Will Set Your Sex Life On Fire!

Their is so much more!


I have and will continue to make sure all the information you will ever need to have an amazing sex life is all right here in one place, just read through this page to get an even better idea of what you will be able to know......

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Women - How to achieve simultaneous orgasm during intercourse.

It almost seems that if something has to do with female pleasure, particularly sexual pleasure, it just hasn't been deemed important. Why? Prudery about women's sexuality? Who knows!

Lack of interest in women's sexuality? Shameful! Whatever the explanation, this new discovery is a big step forward in understanding the clitoris and its nerve structures.


Why this matters - Clitoral vs. vaginal orgasms!

There are many women who defend the existence of two sorts of orgasms, though some sex "experts" (usually men, I've noticed), deny absolutely there is any difference.

And if these two sorts of orgasms are actually the same, how is it only a minority of women achieve vaginal orgasm through vaginal intercourse while most need their clitoris stimulating directly to get there? Would most women be able to reach orgasm through intercourse if only their partner could go on thrusting for longer?


All orgasms are not the same! Clitoral Vs Vaginal.

When you read about massive, prolonged orgasm for a woman, it's the G-spot that's doing it. A G spot orgasm is a wave of bliss, of spiritual energy, of electricity, passing through every cell of a woman's being.

There are no clear peaks and orgasmic contractions as there are with a clitoral orgasm. Instead there is a wave of bliss which moves upwards from one high point to another, and which can go on for as long as you care to keep up the stimulation.


Men - Want To Make Love For Extended Periods ? Yes, it is possible! You'll be able to impress your partner with the length of time you can go on during lovemaking. You'll be able to maintain a rock hard erection until you choose.

Research shows that as many as three men in every four ejaculate within two or three minutes of entering their partner's vagina.

Now, do you really want to be among this seventy five percent? Or would you rather move into the twenty five percent of men who really know how to make love?


So Much More...........

  • Why do men come so quickly?
  • Can men really control their ejaculation?
  • What about the woman's experience?
  • Things for you (and your partner) to understand about premature ejaculation.
  • The male sexual response - learning to last longer.
  • Sexual excitement.
  • The plateau phase.
  • Things not to try.
  • Sexual positions that don't help the premature ejaculator!
  • The skill of ejaculation control.
  • Help if you're having erection problems.
  • Genital pleasure.
  • Orgasm without intercourse.
  • Learning how not to come quickly.
  • Vaginal intercourse.
  • Positions that restrict a man's ability to thrust are best for ejaculatory control.
  • The prostate compression exercise.

An orgasm lasting for.. three minutes? ten? thirty minutes! That can't be possible right? WRONG. If you read the articles above it can!

take control of your sex life.

Now I bet your thinking that this is all any site could ever give you, well my friend "My Sex Secrets" isn't just any site! I have a more than a few surprises left for you yet.

Trust me you will want to keep reading.....

I am glad you have made it this far, you are obviously very determined to take charge of your sex life, well done! I know you realize the knowledge and sexual abilities you will easily gain from "My Sex Secrets" or you would not have made it this far, I love people like you!

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A range of anal sex positions and variations of anal sex - which means you are certain to find one you can enjoy.


The Sex Toys Guide

This comprehensive guide cover so many topics including:

  • Vibrators, dildos, anal sex toys, toys for men, toys for women, lubricants, how to choose a sex toy, cleaning and caring for your sex toys etc...........

The Kama Sutra

The all time tantric classic that has so many sex secrets it is impossible to list the all here.


The Perfumed Garden

Not as famous as "the kama sutra" but it contains just as many secret eastern sexual techniques that will set your sex life on fire.


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My Sex Secrets and Techniques Will Set Your Sex Life On Fire!

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